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Date of Last Revision: May 19, 2024

Welcome to NestEggo! Please carefully read these Terms of Use.


The Terms of Use for this website outline the rules we expect you to follow as a user of NestEggo.com, a brand of NestEggo, Inc. They also outline our obligations as the owners and operators of this site, NestEggo. Your use of the site indicates your understanding of these Terms of Use. If you feel that you cannot comply with these Terms of Use, please exit it immediately.

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What All Users Need to Know

No user is allowed to post text that contains threatening, abusive, or derogatory language.

No user is allowed to post offensive statements that violate the rights or sensitivities of any other user.

No user is allowed to upload any files that contain viruses or corrupted files.

No user is allowed to violate any copyrights on the materials and designs contained in this site.

No user is allowed to post any marketing or promotional material in an effort to advertise or sell products or services, other than services specifically allowed by NestEggo.

Whatever material you have access to on NestEggo cannot be sold to or shared with any other person or company.

Limits to Our Liabilities

You use this site at your own risk. You are responsible for making the services of this site meet your needs and specifications. NestEggo does not guarantee results. This site is solely a software tool designed for your use.

NestEggo may store any information you upload for use by third parties such as users.

This site may contain links to other websites. The links are provided solely for your convenience. They do not mean that NestEggo endorses or approves of the products or services offered by the websites connected to these links.

Rights of NestEggo

NestEggo, Inc. holds the copyright on the template of the design of this site and on all the content supplied by the management of this site or uploaded to this site by users. No part of this site can be copied, distributed, published, licensed, or used in any way. Unauthorized use of any part of this site will be considered a criminal offense and may give rise to a claim for damages.

NestEggo reserves the right to close this website at any time without notice. If the site is closed, unused funds will be issued to users. No other compensation will be made for any damages that you feel a closure of this website causes or may cause in the future.

NestEggo also reserves the right to cancel the membership of users at any time for any reason.


NestEggo.com is owned by NestEggo, Inc., a Corporation that is headquartered in Contra Costa County in the state of California in the country of the United States of America. It is governed by and subject to the laws of all three jurisdictions. Any disputes arising between the management of the site and the users of the site will be dealt with under the rules of the these jurisdictions.

Privacy Policy

The site collects personal and corporate information from users. We use that information solely to allow you to make the most of the services offered by this site. Any information that you upload to this site will not be shared or sold to any other company or person.

From time to time, the management of this site may contact you by e-mail with news, tips, or promotions. At any time, you may ask us not to contact you by e-mail. Your e-mail address will never be shared with or sold to anyone else or to any other company without your explicit consent.

NestEggo practices a number of security measures to protect your information. If you have questions or concerns about the privacy protection we offer, please contact us.

Refund Policy

Support for project are non-refundable. Please review all disclaimers carefully prior to purchase.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this website or these Terms of Use, please contact us.