Healthcare Community Fund

We Help You Pay for Large Out of Pocket Medical Expenses

Why Should I Care About Surprise Medical Bills?

Major Accidents or Serious Illness Can Happen to Any of Us

66.5 percent of all bankruptcies filed in the US are due to medical bills. Most of these people experienced huge sticker shock when they got their medical bills after receiving treatment.

Health Insurance Is NOT Enough Protection

Most of these people HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE, but it’s still not enough protection against unexpected medical bills with large out of pocket expenses.

More Than Half a Million Families Affected Each Year

This is an estimated 530,000 families turn to bankruptcy each year because of medical issues and bills.

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Price Tag for Out Of Pocket Medical Expenses


Ask yourself, if this happens to you or your family, can you afford to pay without the help from the community?

Car Ambulance Ride

$ 3K+

Heart Attack or Stroke

$ 20K+


$ 25K+

Air Ambulance Flight

$ 50K+

How Does Community Fund Work?

The NestEggo Healthcare Community Fund works by reducing the financial burden of large medical bills, and make essential life saving medical treatments more affordable for you and your family!


To get started, activate your membership and join our community.

Membership is affordable at just $15 (monthly plan) or $150 (annual plan).


Our community works on the principle of member helping members.

When a member in the community needs help paying large medical bill, you will have a chance to participate by making a small voluntary contribution to help the member in need.


In turn, if you if you or your family ever needed help cover large unexpected medical bills, community members will step up and contribute to help you cover medical expenses.

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