“Who Will Take Care of Me When I am Old?”

Build Your Tribe That Will Care For You As You Age

Popular Care Categories

Earn “NestEggo Points” when you provide care for members in the community.

Pay with “NestEggo Points” when you want care from members in the community .

Transportation / Ride-Share


Events / Activities

Conversation / Companionship

Pet Care

Housework / Papwerwork

Why Join Our Community?

People in Your Neighborhood

As Your Tribe

Build your tribe of trusted people located near you, whom you can count on to care for you as you age.

Social Currency Redefines Wealth

NestEggo use point system as social currency.

In our community, wealth is not defined by money. Instead, our “wealthy” are those members who are helpful and earn lots of points by caring for others.

Pay It Forward

If you are in the 30s, 40s, or 50s, NestEggo offers a great way to save up extra social capital by helping others and earning points.

When you need help later in life, you can then pay with points and get care from others in the community. Members in our community believe in paying it forward!

Membership Benefits

Just $10 Per Month

  • Online and local support network
  • Pay with “NestEggo Points” when receiving care from other members
  • Help others and save up “NestEggo Points” to use for your own care
  • BONUS: Join Now and get 50 NestEggo Points to your account! ($50 value)

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